Old Hill Partners

Old Hill Partners, Inc. (“Old Hill") is an SEC-registered investment adviser with significant experience in all facets of private debt and alternative investment management. Old Hill is also licensed as an investment advisor with the FSS in South Korea.

Our primary investment strategy is private lending to small to medium-sized businesses. We draw on more than 15 years of experience in this market to offer highly creative and customized lending products that support growth initiatives and working capital needs.

Lending as an investment strategy is not new; our approach to small balance lending and our ability to create flexible lending structures is what sets us apart. This approach is anchored on a thorough, disciplined, and consistent focus on risk identification, analysis and mitigation.

Our private lending activities have three primary goals:

  • Current income generation

  • Preservation of capital

  • Provision of effective financing solutions.

Accordingly, we identify attractive lending opportunities with strong asset collateral coverage, put them through a rigorous due diligence and risk modeling process, and structure them so as to align the issuer’s interest with ours and remove risk. For instance, our loans are generally floating-rate facilities with floors to protect against rising rates.

Other Strategies

Old Hill also engages including opportunistic real estate lending and quantitative absolute return trading.

Our affiliate, Old Hill Financial Management, provides advisory services to a wide variety of companies with a particular expertise on transportation, infrastructure, manufacturing and equipment leasing.

"Since inception, Old Hill has funded close to $1 billion in private asset-backed lending transactions unrelated to real estate."